Friday, June 8, 2012


Hey guys, it's Ryleigh!

So Ronnie and I have recently been LOVING Polyvore, as you can probably tell. If you don't have a Polyvore account, you need one! You can create not only cute outfits but they also have an interior design I believe. I also wanted to tell you guys who do have a Polyvore account our usernames so you can follow us. They are:

Ryleigh's Polyvore: jellybelly56

Ronnie's Polyvore: loopdeeloop12

We have also been talking about getting our Blog a Polyvore account which would be called BeautyBoutique15 or TheBeautyBoutique. Please note that if we ever change our Polyvore usernames you all will be notified.

Have fun! :)

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